• Image of Flamingo Creatures - Flauschi

A long overdue release, kept for maturing you see by the grubby bears. Flamingo Creatures are a mesmerising, pan-genderic duo hailing from the German city of Cologne creating improvised music utilising both instruments & non-instruments.

Singing violins & churning electronics, ghosty vocal loops & hypnotic percussionism dance delicately betwixt the Cathedral-scale scrapings & chain drag noodling. Cascades of dense & dreamy textures envelope each other endlessly - sounds like it's time to clean the farm.

Flamingo Creatures have previously collaborated with Limpe Fuchs - it's a fact.

Click here for the words direct from their minds.

As my gran always said, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS [WEST] PHALIA.

Limited to 46 tapes only.

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