• Image of Russell Walker - Roadside Piss-Up
  • Image of Russell Walker - Roadside Piss-Up

Russell Walker (The Pheromoans, Bomber Jackets, Charcoal Owls) presents two slices of tangled poetical musings. Short stories and jumble sale chit chat tangle together across 30 mins of clotted jotter stock - spread out and torn up, then spread out again.

Broadcasting directly from the addled hive mind!

A human radio tunes in and checks out - broadcasts tumble out over the home counties, slip out on the A roads and slither into the service station forecourts.

"Tonic from the 24 hour palace..."

Limited to 44 copies, clear tape with "rave worm" on-tape sticker and pro-printed full colour artwork on HEAVY paper. Album photograph by Rowan Walker.

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