• Image of Sindre Bjerga - Impromptu
  • Image of Sindre Bjerga - Impromptu

Improvised live work from The Crystal King. Recored 100% live at the IMIR art space, Stavanger in Norway. It's thunderous clomping & clattering with minor vocal cacophony across "Le 1er Slab", as the French say. Trapped underneath the escalator, watching the world above through the cracks in the metal steps - you're part of the problem Alan.

Side B offers no respite from the confusion.
The snake charmer they call him, cause o' all that beautiful hiss. Storm clouds gather on the horizon while your garden falls apart - good bye chair, good bye plant pot, good bye. I hear if you're a real bad person, you get reincarnated as a tape that lives in SB's mangle bag - torn limb from limb by sound artist night after night after night...

Keep up with Sindre's globetrotting here - https://sindrebjerga.wordpress.com. Last time we saw him play, he smashed up an old BBQ, so... "could happen" as they say.

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