• Image of The Teatowels - We Are The Deadness
  • Image of The Teatowels - We Are The Deadness

The Teatowels' We Are The Deadness is the sound of un-cohesion, collapse & dis-stability. Fuzz guitars clang & dribble while a bruised & bewildered drum kit limps loosely to the cliff edge - 21st century zombie ballads.

A debut tape surfaced on the wonderful Hissing Frames imprint in the 2016s - mellow jamz indeed. Beartown's scorched offering is a ragged tumble around the rehearsal room at midnight... & lefties feelin' bad.

All gather round for the somnambulist's sing-song - price of entry is 4.

Limited to around 50 copies, each tape ships with a single miniature Tarot card - which card will you receive? Probs not Death or Ace of Wands, because I reckon we'll hold onto those, but could realistically be any of the others, hehe.

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