• Image of Yader - Paradigma
  • Image of Yader - Paradigma

Behold great fantasy smash of space creepers. Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low), David Vanzan & Virginia Genta (Jooklo Duo) join forces as YADER to squeeze out bubble-core galaxy snuffer PARADIGMA.

Track one opens with whale lads conference call gone groove town, but this time someone's left the lid off & sonic brain goo has started trailing down the walls. Ping pong bleeping & blooping is soon consumed (con-sooned?) by the majesty of associated rumblings & reverb Ray's patented echo party.

Side two is a bit more menacing - thing sticky fizz bangs & silent fury & you'll get the picture. A tape for quiet meditation, for mapping the inside of the pyramid, for pulling threads.

Wash your zombie dog in the cool waters of a mountain stream / / let 'em go boys, they won't get far without their sense of self.

Edition of 75 (yeh, big one int it?), clear red tapes & artwork by V. Genta.

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