• Image of Anla Courtis - Antofagasta
  • Image of Anla Courtis - Antofagasta

Recorded by Anla in 1998 in the sparse South American grasslands of the Puna region, Antofagasta features a number of 'sonic portraits' of the various wildlife, atmospheres & geology he encountered there.

Recorded to cassette before being edited, smushed, cut & re-assembled, Antofagasta is one for cranking up & letting the vibrations absorb you. Trickling stone symphonies, drunken ornithological choirs & sinuous threads of the Argentine breeze coalesce & collide over the four pieces presented.

Limited to 50 copies in plush, pro-printed CD case & field photography artwork.

Anla Courtis is traveling polymath musician, visual artist & thinker currently residing in Buenos Aires.
In another life he's a full-time Reynols protagonist.

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