• Image of Anne-F Jacques & Takuji Naka - Fuyu
  • Image of Anne-F Jacques & Takuji Naka - Fuyu

Anne-F Jacques is a sound artist (Canadienne), Takuji Naka is from Japan Island.

Fuyu is a 28 minute study into the quiet clockwork of repetition, distance & solitude. Grandad fixing the Dyson then jammin' cross-wise on the reel-to-reel - grand pere est fixe l'hoover.

You'd normally expect this classy affair to appear on the Hideous Replica label, but not in this case. Fuyu is a rare & beautiful thing indeed & one for meditative afternoons or late night lullabillicus.

See Anne tearing it up in Oxford here.

Limited to 58 copies with minimalist on-tape printing & recycled paper insert + non-recycled main insert.

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