• Image of Food People - Animal Work
  • Image of Food People - Animal Work

A trio, a gang, a hazard - Lila Matsumoto, Matthew Hamblin & Greg Thomas (formally of Helhesten).

Sun-drenched fuzz guitar & roaming drones swirl unsettlingly across side A while screeching violinesques tumble out of the shadows down into the ravine. A touch of mumbled wordery fights off the tremors & we're back on solid ground as the tape runs out....PHEW.

B sees yet more cosmic chaos drones folding, escaping, attacking, decaying. It's crumpled psych for the BitCoin Milliners. Railway rhythms & the soft snow of deep white noise lull you gently off while a thick membrane of sonic throb slowly siphons your sense of self off through your fire-damaged ears.

Music for plant growers - botanical bozos.

Here they are with their wares...

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