• Image of White Death - Perform Small Tasks
  • Image of White Death - Perform Small Tasks

Hannah Ellul (Helhesten, Human Heads, Faux Ami) dances the dance with Kelly Jayne Jones (many collabs, many years) on a single half hour presentation. Glass-like glaciers of glistening sinew weave in and out of focus while the long-form throb of a busted horns & depressed flutistas envelopes.

Recorded in the prelapsarian utopia of Manchester's Maple Industrial Estate (2017), this haunted message from behind the two way mirror will feed you & will clothe you in reverb misery from on high.

C60 it is then (or just under). Side A repeats on Side B, which repeats on Side A.

FOR LBS the world over. Thanks to Les Bens (Morris & Knight) & AK (Andrea Kearney).

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