• Image of John Butcher - Setting the Spirit
  • Image of John Butcher - Setting the Spirit

The man / machine! The eternal brass wrangler! Air pusher and throat twangler!

A pleasure as deep as the ocean to have music by the mighty Butcher grace the dim caves of Beartown. John has a body of work so vast and beautiful squinting is the only option - catch a glimpse of the glittering whole. Beyond bang tidy solo work, John has notched up live and recorded collaborations with Derek Bailey, Keiji Haino, Fred Frith, Okkyung Lee, Phil Minton, Otomo Yoshihide, Yoni Silver - only to scratch the gleaming surface.

Enter the labyrinth - three dreams of harmony, three dreams of chaos, three dreams of fog walkers lost of the edge of time.

Recorded in Brooklyn 2010, Brooklyn 2011 and St Bride's Church in Liverpool 2006.

Beartown Records · John Butcher - Setting the Spirit

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