• Image of Feghoots - Loiter Adjourned
  • Image of Feghoots - Loiter Adjourned

Can you hear them? Rippling through your bandwidth... Can you feel them? Tickling your fat nan... Can you smell them? Drifting down from the swampy headlands... FEGHOOTS are here!

Pete Cann emanates degraded sonic menace in full colour with 'Loiter Adjourned' - 30 minutes of shortwave symbolism and insectival chit chat. No bo(a)ts rise on this poisoned tide, a haunting foray into the psychometrics of brain-dead servo motors at the circus - pay your money... takes your choice.

Limited? With 'dreamscape post-poned' artwork and sticker.

Beartown Records · Feghoots - Loiter Adjourned

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