• Image of Slump - Wristless
  • Image of Slump - Wristless

A study in excess, integrity and the spaces between - crumbling town centres, an illegal street party behind Londis. It's like Inner Space with Dennis Quaid, but instead of going in some knob head's veins Den is pushed inside the distributor cap of a 1994 Ford Mondeo - joy-ridden from here to Ostend.

A... let's talk about A. A little scrapey scrapey, a rumble tumble, a little ... uh huh, you know. B is billowing winds of sludge synth drones before five minutes of sparse excursions into the digital desert.

Equipment used include MAX / MSP and delusions of grandeur.

Limited. Pro-printed hand - artwork with stolen fractal on-tape sticker.

Beartown Records · Slump - Wristless (Side A)

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