• Image of Territorial Gobbing - Police Costume
  • Image of Territorial Gobbing - Police Costume

Whirling dispatches from the edge of trashland! A slice of broked up, slapped about, chopped and stir fried clatter crunk from Territorial Gobbing.

The only T.G you need in THESE TIMES. Side A pure psyche demolition (Netflix-style baby). Sinews of feedback, warbling synth tones and the banshee screams of falling satellites hit the fan all over. Temple Disco rewritten for the new breed, sliced and diced vocals battle to the death in the dying days of clockwork carnival.

Haunted / hunted Kabuki slime comic strip collapse. Full colour, double-sided, pro-printed plague-time artwork by Zad Kokar. Limited to some copies.

Beartown Records · Territorial Gobbing - ASCII Art Frogs (from Police Costume)

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